msf web design offers wordpress website development, training and support
by partnering with the client to ensure the result
is a successful, attractive and easy-to-use digital platform to meet each client’s goals.


I know how hard it is to find web designers who actually listen to you.  I am known for my ability to LISTEN and translate that into a website.  Every package offered includes a Discovery Session where we take time to evaluate your needs and goals then translate this into a personal plan. We discuss marketing strategies;  the look and feel of your website; as well as milestones and expectations.  I believe in everyone starting on the same “page”.


Did you ever have a website developed and not really know what was going on until it was ready to launch?  That won’t happen here.  I partner with you as we CREATE your web presence.  So while I am developing your website, you are creating the content that will be integral to your web presence.  Our joint efforts will have your website ready to start building your community from the moment it is launched.


Many developers believe their job ends once a website is launched.  I know, though, that this is just the beginning.  In order to ensure that you CONNECT to your community,  I offer support through a monthly subscription plan or on an as needed basis.  This support makes certain your website is secure and up to date and that you have a “go-to” person when a need arises.